Blackie Blackie Brown: The traditional owner of death.


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Blackie Blackie Brown: The Traditional Owner Of Death, is a theatre show written by Nakkiah Lui and directed by Declan Greene for the STC and Malthouse Theatres. The show, an indigenous revenge comedy, was brought to life using an animated world and visual effects which interacted with the performers on stage to create a hyper-stylised adventure. I was brought in to direct the animation and video portions of the show for Oh Yeah Wow which was an amazing experience.


"...this is as visually thrilling as any new production of chamber-scale I've seen in recent years, and a truly impressive example of what exciting possibilities exist when stagecraft is trusted with as much narrative responsibility as the actors" -The Music


"...absolutely spectacular animation and video design" -Timeout


"Oh Yeah Wow's sensational animations fully interact not just with the work of artist Emily Johnson, designer Elizabeth Gadsby, Verity Hampson (lighting/projections) and Steve Toulmi (sound/music), they interact with the two actors themselves, sometimes to uproarious effect." - Sydney Morning Herald


All Photos: © Daniel Boud