In The Dying Days of 2017.

This was a year of change.

I shake off the dust of my early twenties and slowly realise the adult that I would like to be. I have a three year plan for the first time in my life that extends beyond: make enough money to eat and pay rent. This is an empowering feeling.

My mental health has settled down this year, thanks to a regiment of meditation, exercise and pharmaceutical help.

Sarah and I have moved in together. We intend to adopt a dog in the new year.

Bonnie Doon-930am.jpg


Here's some stats:

Movies watched: 44 (Best: Moonlight, Chronocrimenes, Network, Fury Road.)

TV shows watched: 26 (Best: Carnivale, Ozark, Atlanta, Rick and Morty)

Books read: 33 (Best: The Pale King, The Kraken Wakes, The Secret History, Ways of Seeing, Roadside Picnic, The Narrow Road to the Deep North.)

Theatre seen: (Not counted) (Best: Nannette by Hannah Gadsby, Intoxication by Christopher Bryant.)

Countries visited: 2

Film markets attended: 2

Time spent away from home: 2 months, 4 days.

Weddings attended: 3

Photo courtesy of Jessica Prince @jessprince.weddings

Photo courtesy of Jessica Prince @jessprince.weddings

Dogs patted: Too many to count.

Tattoos received: 2

Beers drank: Too many to count.

Favourite thing I made: This tintype photo of Sarah:

Trentham 1115amwide.jpg

And this drawing of a sexy reverse mermaid:


Here's an assortment of notes from my iPhone this year.

"He reeled like a man being mugged in a meadow" - Douglas Adams has the best similes.

"I've never desired death more, or to be deaf more." - Line from a poem I wrote while flooded with anxiety at the Phoenix airport. 

Mayhem & Friends. - I'm not completely sure what this means.

snow and yellow.jpg

"The actual ruling class propagates ideologies of individualism while tending to act as a class. (Many of what we call conspiracies are actually the ruling class showing class solidarity)" - Mark Fisher, 'Escaping the Vampire's Castle' (everyone should read this essay.)

E-ratic Bastard. - My name according to the Wu-tang Name Generator.

"A survey commissioned by National Geographic found that forty per cent of Americans believed that stocking up on supplies or building a bomb shelter was a wiser investment than a 401(k)." - From a New York times article about doomsday prepping and the ultra wealthy.

Photo by Sarah Walker. @sarahtakesphotos

Photo by Sarah Walker. @sarahtakesphotos

"It always meant a lot that Chris looked up to me, because I always secretly looked up to him." - From my best man speech, Chris and Kristy's wedding.

"Sci-fi short, about a guy who time travels in order to go on a date with two girls at once. Super hackneyed, the worst kind of shit-com" - Pitching ideas I guess.

"I ordered an 'Uber black,' not an 'Uber single Dad on a fixed income.'" - Jack Baillon, reprimanding Sammy Careless on what he thought was a Uber.

A classic stitch up by Ellen Hookey.

A classic stitch up by Ellen Hookey.

"Inanimate animators animating automatons." - ???

"I don't think I've ever expressed how grateful I am for your bravery in that, you are one of my heroes, a philosopher king among men." - A letter to a friend.

"A year long van trip. Hike and raft the Grand Canyon. Make a full Wormholes episode. Adopt a dog. Build Camp Chaos. Write more. Full tattoo sleeves. Travel more. Do an exhibition. Write a TV episode. Learn to tattoo." - A list I compiled on my 10,000th day on Earth, with my hopes for the next 10,000.


"There's cats eyes, in the kinder surprise, on the infinite seashore." - Scrawled under a table in an anonymous Airbnb.

Design is just drawing triangles where there don't need to be triangles.

"Oyster, Gazelle, Racoon. Past, Present, Future." My animal cards according to Tatjana Green.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

"Routine, repetition, tedium, ennui - These are the true hero's enemies, and make no mistake, they are fearsome indeed, for they are real." - David Foster Wallace, The Pale King.

Last Year's Resolution: Fret Less, Love More. Drink Less, Write More.

This Year's Resolution: Ride There More Often. Read More Female Writers.


"I never understood poetry until I started dating you." - A letter for Sarah.

Happy 2018, Mike.